About US

Amici Terrazzo LLC was established in June of 2006 by Carmine Tucci and Brian Smith. We are a proud signatory contractor of the Terrazzo Workers Union, Local 21. We are members of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA), a mark of excellence in our trade. We specialize in terrazzo flooring, seamless epoxy flooring and coatings, and terrazzo restoration. Our areas of expertise include stairs, base, vertical work and intricate patterns.

We have performed a wide variety of terrazzo jobs from the smallest repair to a large 44,000 square foot installation. We have installed some highly detailed logos, cove base, stairs and walls. Amici Terrazzo has delivered a high quality of work and very satisfied customers.

Amici Terrazzo has developed working relationships with many of Chicagoland’s finest and largest general contractors as well as many distinguished and private businesses.

Carmine Tucci has 20 years of experience in the terrazzo industry. He has been working as a mechanic, foreman and finally owner for the last 16 years. Carmine has previously served as a union board member and terrazzo apprenticeship instructor for more than 4 years.

Brian Smith has 16 years of experience in the terrazzo industry. He is a master grinder and finisher. Brian has been working as a finishers foreman, and now owner, for the last 10 years.

Our Company was created by a passion for our work and a pride of ownership. In order to maintain the highest standard of work, we will spend most of our time in the field. This will provide quality control, reliability and professionalism on the job site.

We use old techniques taught to us by some of our unions proudest retirees. We research new and innovative technology and equipment to ensure efficiency and quality work. We are honest proud and professional.

Amici Terrazzo began with a strong foundation and has experienced a good quality of slow growth since we opened. Our vast experience and work ethic are the building blocks that will lead our company to the top of the industry. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in our craft and satisfying our customers.

Please consider Amici Terrazzo LLC for your future terrazzo and epoxy flooring projects.